Program Fee and Payment Information

Updated Friday May 10, 2019 by West Mountain Racing.


We encourage every parent to read through the program documents outlined on this Web site before registering your athlete for the WMR programs. We offer Alpine and Intro to Racing programs.

*******WMR Code of Conduct--All athletes must adhere to WMR's Code of Conduct. Athletes who do not follow the Code may be removed from training, travel or possibly the team. If an athlete is removed from the team for a major Code of Conduct violation, a refund will not be given.  The Code of Conduct is spelled out before checkout during registration.

********Volunteer Service -- All WMR alpine and freeski and snowboard program families are required to work two WMR events per family during the season. For the 2019/2020 season, we will require a volunteer commitment at the beginning of the season. If you wish not to volunteer for races we will charge $200. If a family does not work two full WMR events, by the end of the season, we will issue you an invoice for $200. If a parent or other family member (must be an adult) would like to serve on our race crew (10 or more races), you (they) will receive a full season pass. Please email if you are interested in a position on race crew.

**********Official Licenses -- WMR encourages parents of our alpine racers to be involved on every level of racing. We encourage parents to look into getting an official license so that you can be involved with our race events on the official level. Classes are generally one day and are offered in multiple locations in the fall. Please visit to find out more today!

WMR welcomes FIS, USSA and HS Ski Team athletes to join our program. Rates and privleges apply to all members. If you are interested in applying for a WMR alpine program scholarship, please view our West Mountain School menu section to the left of the page.

Pricing for West Mountain Racing's Full, Midweek and Weekend ONLY Memberships depends on your child's age class. Please see U levels (age class) and pricing below. Discounts will applied at the end of the registration process (discounts only apply to full members). We do have a No refund policy.


Category Age in Season 2019/2020 (as of Dec. 31)

  • U19 YOB: 2002, 2003
  • U16 2004, 2005
  • U14 2006, 2007
  • U12 2008, 2009
  • U10 2010, 2011
  • U8 2012
  • All U Levels will automatically be chosen when registering online. Please CLICK HERE to register and Create an Account in Sports Sign Up.

WMR Full Program Pricing:

Early bird rates good March 15-April 30

  • U8 $1099
  • U10 $1199
  • U12 $1399
  • U14 $1649
  • U16 $1849
  • U19 $2049
  • Core/FIS $1000 (WMR Full Program Add-On)

Regular Season Pricing good May 1-September 30

  • U8 $1199
  • U10 $1299
  • U12 $1499
  • U14 $1749
  • U16 $1949
  • U19 $2149
  • Core/FIS $1000 (WMR Full Program Add-On)

Winter Season pricing good October 1-November 1

  • U8 $1299
  • U10 $1399
  • U12 $1599
  • U14 $1849
  • U16 $2049
  • U19 $2249
  • Core/FIS $1000 (WMR Full Program Add-On)

WMR Midweek or Weekend ONLY Program Pricing (Registration available May 1-Nov. 1) :

  • Take $200 off the Regular or Winter Season Rates (depending on when you register) Weekday Only Program trains Tues-thursdays from 6-8 pm (U10s and older) and Tuesday and Thursday only for U8s from 6-8pm. Weekend Only Program (only offered to out of state athletes and does not include travel support) is offered Saturday-Sunday 8:30am-2:30pm. 

WMR Core/FIS (WMR Full Program Add On) Pricing:

  •  $1,000 plus the Full Program fee for U14, U16, U19 and FIS Racers.


U12 USSA through TBD

U14 USSA through TBD

U16/U19 USSA through TBD

Freeski and Board through the last ADK USASA Series event.

Core/FIS (TBD)

(After the above periods coach race support will be provided by members, if possible, at a rate per coach of $116 per day, $.55 per mile, cost of coaches’ hotel room and $20 per diem food allowance.)

WMR Full Program Alpine Discounts (does not apply to midweek alpine or Freeride programs): ONE of these three potential discounts are available.

A. 10% discount for the referral of a WMR paying member.  (One per new family per season.)

B. 10% cumulative off additional immediate family members. i.e. 2nd child 10% off, 3rd child 20% off, 4th child 30% off, and so on.  Oldest member(s) pays first then discount(s) applied to next by age.

C. 10% off 1st time participant to WMR. (One per family.)

Alpine FULL Program Fee Installment Plan (by cash or check only): Early bird rates do not apply to the Payment Plan. The Three pay is only available for Regular Season pricing (see Regular Season pricing above) in thirds. First 1/3 of payment due by April 30, second 1/3 being due by September 30 and final 1/3 payment due by October 30. Late fees do apply if not received by October 30th  Please call Program Director Sara Montgomery at 518-300-0987 or if interested in the 3-pay option.

Race Building -Full Members (Alpine) are provided locker space during the season in the Race Building.  Full Members (freeride) can store a backpack in the back room during training.

Team Uniform--Full Members of WMR are provided a team jacket as part of their program fees, which are sponsored by Whiteman Chevrolet and other businesses (only guaranteed for Full Program athletes registered during the Early Bird Season). The team jackets are to be worn during training, competition and on the podium. This gives our sponsors as well as our team great brand exposure.

Parent shadowing--WMR does not allow parents to shadow coaches and athletes during training and travel. If you wish to learn more about what the coaches are working on with their group, please meet with your athlete's coach in person. Any problems or concerns can be addressed with a coach directly or with Alpine Program Director Steve Lathrop.

WMR Code of Conduct--All athletes, coaches and staff must adhere to WMR's Code of Conduct. Please read through it thoroughly at registration.

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West Mountain School Scholarship Application 2019.2020.pdf

WMR Mt Hood Camp non-Member Full Rate (Session II) 2019

Registration closes today

WMR MT Hood Non-Member Full Rate (Session I) 2019

Registration closes today

WMR Member Fall Copper Mtn Camp down payment 2 2019 (ses. I)

WMR Member Fall Copper Mtn Camp down payment 22019 (Ses. II)

WMR Full Membership 2019-2020

West Mountain Race Team Full Membership is a competitive race program that travels (travel commitment varies per age group). We do have a No Refund Policy.

Membership to the WMR Race Team includes a race team coat (can only guarantee your athlete a coat if registered by the Early Bird Cutoff date), a 2019/2020 Full Privilege Race Season Pass, locker space in our Race Building, Christmas and February Break camps and fall dry-land training.

Practice/Training schedule:
• WMR U10s-U19s train Tuesdays-Thursdays from 6-8 pm, Saturdays-Sundays 8:30am-2:30pm. U8s train on Tuesday and Thursdays from 6-8pm, Saturdays-Sundays 8:30am-2:30pm. Fridays we welcome all age groups to meet up with their WMR friends to freeski. Private coaching is also available with our coaching staff to WMR members (by reservation online and separate fees apply).

(If you are a new member or have multiple children in the family, please email to let her know to make the price adjustment before completing payment.)

WMR Midweek ONLY Membership 2019/2020

West Mountain Race Team Midweek Membership to the WMR Race Team (does not include weekend coaching and travel support) includes a Midweek Race Season Pass, area to store a backpack during training, Christmas and February break midweek camps and is $200 off the regular and winter rates. Registration opens May 1st.
Practice/Training schedule:
• WMR U8s Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 pm.
• WMR U10 and older Tuesday-Thursday 6-8 pm.

WMR Weekend (Sat-Sun) ONLY Membership 2019/2020

West Mountain Race Team Weekend Membership (does not include midweek training or travel support) and is for out-of-area athletes. Fees includes a Weekend only Race Season Pass, area to store a backpack during training, Christmas and February weekend training and is $200 off the regular and winter rates. Registration opens May 1st. If athletes races under WMR a team coat and locker is included.
Practice/Training schedule:
• Saturday’s and sunday’s 8:30am-3:30pm

Intro 6 Week Program - 2019/2020

Intro To Racing 6 Week Program is a fun, non-competitive, non-travel ski race program for ALL MOUNTAIN SKIERS (ages 6-14) who are ready to be challenged by all types of terrain and snow conditions. They must also be able to ride the lift alone. The program begins Tuesday, Jan. 7th and runs for six consecutive weeks.
Race coaches will help your child develop the proper fundamental movements, skills and tactics, and will introduce the students to gate training in a fun learning environment.

Meets on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm and on Saturdays 9am-2pm and includes a program pass that is valid Tuesdays from 6-9pm and Saturdays from 9am-4pm. If your child has a season pass, please email to adjust the pricing before completing registration. Program passes will be collected after the last session. The program does not include lunch on Saturdays. Intro kids can participate in all the fun races at West with West Mountain Racing.

WMR Core 2019/2020

Must Purchase a Full Team Membership before registering for Core. The Core Program, which is a Full Program Add On) is designed for U14, U16 and U19 advanced racers who are also West Mountain Race Team Full Membership members. These athletes are looking to advance to post season competition and beyond. WMR reserves the right to limit participation.
Core meets Tues-Thurs. from 3:30-5:30 pm. Core participants are welcome to train with the team during the week from 6-8pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am-2:30pm. Core will offer some additional scheduled training sessions on Tuesdays.