WMR/WMS Mission Statement

UpdatedMonday April 23, 2018 byPaige Sidler.

WEST MOUNTAIN RACING (WMR)'s mission (ALPINE) is to develop and educate young ski racers in order to help them achieve their dreams, aspirations and goals both on and off the snow. WMR’s program offers a premier alpine ski racing, training, teaching, coaching and race tuning venue for success in ski racing as well as other areas of character such as work ethic and sportsmanship.

WMR welcomes USSA and HS Ski Team athletes to join our program. Rates and privledges apply to all members.

WEST MOUNTAIN SCHOOL (WMS) West Mountain's 501(c) (3), Federal Tax ID # 75-3173928, plays a multifaceted roll engaging in fundraising and promotion of alpine ski racing at West Mountain, providing many of the supporting elements such as safety and technical equipment, financial WMR program scholarships and fostering a sense of community and volunteer service. WMS believes a child who participates in athletics is more likely to be happy and healthy while becoming well-rounded and acquiring many skills and disciplines that will allow her/him to realize their goals and dreams throughout their lifetime.

WMS Board of Directors: Sara Montgomery, Paula Slayton, Patrick Cunningham, and Babette Donlon