WMR/Intro to Race Coaches and Staff

Updated Tuesday April 24, 2018 by Paige Sidler.

The * WMR Staff is dedicated to the highest standard of training. Please email sara@westmtn.net if you are interested in coaching or an event staff position.

Program Director/Head Coach

Sean Warman

Managing Member

WMR Program/Race/Events Director:

Race/Events Administrator

WMR On-Site Race Tuning Technician availble to service our team members at our West Mountain Sports rental and pro shop

WMR Head Race Crew

  • Brian Carter, Michael Donlon, Frank Hohman, Mark Pavlus, Michael Robertson and Robert Ruth

WMR Timing

  • Steve Rodman, Steve Hudson and Robert Underwood

* Coaches *

  • Bill Bennett
  • Wesley Bishop
  • Michael Gilbert
  • John Bennett
  • Jason Kunzmann
  • Mario Hluch
  • James Woods
  • Alex Hohman
  • Erin Collins Welch
  • George Nash

FIS Support Coach

  • David Cerniglia

Intro To Racing Coaches

  • Patrick Cunningham
  • David Newey
  • Scott Palmer



*The WMR staff may change from time to time and without notice.